TouchOfModern 5 Days of Giveaways: Day 3 – Gift Ideas For The Foodie

The number one flash sales site TouchOfModern is back again this year, with the intention of making shopping for gifts a much easier and rewarding experience for you. In this five-part series we have compiled a compelling shortlist of five ideas of what you can gift to someone you love, based on their personality. That is not all, state your choice from the list and TouchOfModern will go out of their way to get you that gift and present it to you! Details inside.

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The Foodie Must-have Products

Edge of Belgravia Knife Set

Legnoart Knives

RICSB Knife Man

xd design Salt Pepper and Oil/vinegar Set

The Mixologist’s Salt Collection by Spice Lab (11 tubes)


  • Fernando Lemos says:


  • ronaldtsc says:

    I would buy Edge of Belgravia Knife Set because it consist complete series of quality blades that can unleash the creativity in the kitchen.

  • V says:

    I’d buy the xd design Salt Pepper and Oil/vinegar Set for my sister. She’s starting to cook and I’m sure she’d feel like a natural with such elegant looking every day ingredients on the counter!

  • Tina says:

    I’d buy xd design Salt Pepper and Oil/vinegar Set
    because these are the basic ingredients of almost any dish and sometimes we forget about them…in vain – they can turn something very simple into something very delicious.

  • Bruce Brown says:

    My partner is finally learning to cook so the xd design Salt Pepper and Oil/vinegar Set will help him learn more about seasoning food properly.

  • wendy says:

    Edge of Belgravia Knife Set whilst being visually quite stunning is also most practical.
    The quality of the blades will ensure ease of use and functionality to help develop any nascent chef skills.
    My partner has indicated an interest in bettering his skills and creativity in the kitchen and i have no doubt he would be thoroughly impressed with these blades if he was gifted them.

  • Lady Lilith says:

    Nice. I really love the idea. I think my favorite one is the man with the knives in him. What a unique lovely knife holder.

  • kevin says:

    The Edge of Belgravia Knife Set would be my ONLY choice for (myself, the foodie) in my family as it presents the highest utility of all of the items above. Durable goods are a chef’s friend!

  • Martin R. says:

    That knife set is just freakin’ awesome!!!

  • Mike C says:

    Blacked out

  • David says:

    Edge of Belgravia Knife Set would be a perfect choice for my brother, he would be dazzled by the color and desing not to mention that the durability is one of the best characteristics on a knife =)

  • Lorena says:

    Definitely I would buy the Edge of Belgravia Knife Set for my mom. When I first saw it, the color remind me of the elegance. This knife remind me the force and the discipline to cook, that are two habilities that she has. She’s very good at cooking, and this knives I know will make the work more easy for her and for me that im learning to cook. 🙂
    Greetings Yanko!

  • Jason says:

    Edge of Belgravia Knife set is also my favorite gift. Knifes with in black will work very well in the modern kitchen decor.

  • Brian Seward says:

    Definitely the Edge of Belgravia knife set. My food lover also hates sharpening knives, and is a bit monochromatic.

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