The Minimalist Coffee Brewing Scale

Fresh roasted beans, a nice dripper and fine-tuned grinder are great, but serious coffee drinkers know that using a scale rather than measured scoops is the only way to achieve the elusive perfect cup! For ease of use and cleanliness, the Acaia scale uses responsive, waterproof, touch-sensitive buttons and a flat, silicon bottom rather than extended feet to enhance it’s minimal look. Better yet, there’s an iPhone app that will not only show the weight, but keep track of brew time and coffee recipes!

Designer: Aaron Fujiki Takao


  • Meryl Lee says:

    Only in America are we barbarians about measuring our food with cups and spoons. In Europe and everywhere else, purists know that scales are the way to go!

  • Jeroen Woltjes says:

    I don’t get why really everything has to be able to connect to your smartphone…

  • Man U says:

    Looks like an apple tv. And there’s no development of the actual app itself.

  • devraj says:

    i was thinking the same as Jerorn woltjes. EVERYTHING wants to look like apple and connect to a smartphone. its just coffee…are we all so lazy?

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