Safe Luggage Travels

The Luggage Sitter is a refinement of the “Easy Lock” we saw earlier. Designed by two different teams, it’s a great way to compare how different designers approach the same problem with varied yet similar solutions. The refinement according to me is in the way the lock has been designed to be more flexible.

  • The redesign of the retractable suitcase handle allows it to be used as a lock.
  • When needed, the handle can be pulled out from the retracting framework, folded over, and locked onto the framework.
  • Flexible cords, which connect the handle and framework, can secure the suitcase to an armrest or similar structure.

Luggage Sitter is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Huang Yichen, Lu Nannan, Meng Luhua, Pang ShengLi, Shen Yuebo, Shuai Yingbin, Xu Wei & Zhang Yuchen