Solar Movement Light

Jon Liow’s Solar concept is an interactive light and smartphone app system that synchronizes with a user-specified timezone to mirror the sun’s natural light cycle. The user’s curiosity can run wild as they explore different timezones from the comfort of home. This unique take on time allows us to feel connected with places we may have never even been or seen, with the user being able to experience the light cycle of any location in the world.
The device has several different functions. In its simplest form, the user can either allow the app to automatically sync with the light to trigger a twenty-four hour cycle based on their current location, or manually select any city in the world. Once the light is triggered by the app via Bluetooth, it runs independently without needing to be connected to the smartphone. Secondary functions of the system include the ability for the user to invert the light cycle. This option allows the user to reverse the function of the light, resulting in it shining brightest during the timezone’s darkest hours and remaining dark during the timezone’s brightest hours. The ambient function allows the user to disengage the twenty-four hour light cycle, and control the brightness of the light manually.

Designer: Jon Liow