What A Dumbbell!

Banking on gyroscope and centrifugal force to add weight to its being, the Power Dumbbell is a unique option in weight training tech. Essentially, you don’t end up buying an array of weights for training but use only one set that can modify its intensity by gyro tech. Pretty impressive!

Designer: Seunghun Shin


  • VEELAJOVI says:

    judging from the physcal aspect,it wont become heavier since the dumbbell is still the same weight.the trifugal force wont create the feeling of getting heavier,but might twist the dumbbell around the central axis for gaining angular momentum from the gyroscope……

  • notquentin says:

    i was wondering if this was possible.. good to know someone is actually working on it.

    i would absolutely buy this

  • Great design, amazing technology. Def going to be ordering one in the future 🙂

  • Jan Erlandsen says:

    Sigh… Please read up on some physics before designing stuff like this.

  • alaor says:

    Why this site publishes such absurds? Probably anyone that went to the school knows physics enough to know this is pure BS.

  • Gerber says:

    Physics #fail

  • Seunghoon Shin says:


    Im a design major student
    and i got mention to you
    you know


    What A Dumbbell! <—page
    Radhika Seth

    is actually my design.
    not Designer: Jun Young Choo.
    he is just this project one of member
    so i'd likt to make you right name.
    Seunghoon Shin

    if you get this mail, please do right way.
    thank you!

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