Under Pressure

The queue is long, the pressure is building up and all the stalls in the toilet are taken. Sounds familiar? Most often some of the stalls have faulty door indicators and are actually empty. The 35′ – Bathroom Stall Door Indicator ensures that the empty stalls are not wrongly indicated and everyone gets to use them. Smart!

Designer: Donghwi Chang


  • Steve says:

    Gotta be a simpler, non-electricity, solution, such as when you lock the door, it indicates the stall is occupied. The solution already exists! No need to bring complex electricity and lights into this.

  • Vince says:

    So simple yet elegant solution.

  • stephen russell says:

    Must for airports, hotels, pvt clubs, college, Univs, labs, bus ports, Civic centers, theme parks
    Must have worldwide

  • Good technology for determining empty stalls. I suggest though that the color of the digitized arrows be green because it is a universal indicator which means “GO.”

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