Space Saving Bike Lift

Cyble is a interactive bicycle rack that focuses on spatial savings to secure bikes in public spaces. Users manually push their front wheel into the keyed locking mechanism where it is clamped in place. After being secured, Cyble automatically lifts the bike vertically, keeping it out of harms way and out of the reach of thieves while also saving horizontal space.

Designer: Subinay Malhotra


  • stephen russell says:

    Must for EU cities alone & for US near
    Bus stops & Bus depots, MTA RR lines,
    urban traffic areas
    Mass produce & make into chain??
    Be huge for EU use alone.

  • abc says:

    Awesome design !! good job

  • Boe says:

    What of all the cables (that could presumably be cut with bolt cutters) and the amount of space that they seem to take up above the stands? Also, how might they be out of reach from thieves? They are certainly space saving, the idea of having them on one wheel like that is cool, but “out of reach from thieves”?

  • Quintin Smits says:

    Looks very futuristic! But, Visit a Dutch train station sometime… We can pack three times as many bikes in less than half that space…

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