Puzzling and Fun DIY Shelving

A single modular element is the essence of this new shelving system by Movisi. With its unique design and ability to be changed instantly, the BUILD series provides a striking and flexible interior solution. Hangable or stackable, the irregular sections can be arranged in a variety of configurations and still maintain an interior horizontal surface for placing objects. More than a shelf, it also makes for a great partition, display, wall cladding or even a seat!

BUILD is made with 100% recyclable and emission-free ARPRO (Expanded Polypropylene), a high-performance plastic foam, traditionally used in the automotive industry. It is lightweight, allergy friendly, toxic-free, high versatile and has an excellent strength to weight ratio.

Designer: Movisi


  • Monkeyfrog says:

    Great design, love it.

    Any possibility to buy them?

  • Monkeyfrog says:

    ahhh … found the link 😀

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