Easy Glider

Alexander Shevchenko’s Delta hang-glider explores the use of new materials that are more efficient to fix or replace in common occurrences like breaks, cracks or other damage. Composed primarily of laminated foam, the winged structure maintains rigidity and lightness necessary for flight but can also be easily and cheaply repaired, replaced, and recycled. 

Designer: Alexander Shevchenko


  • stephen russell says:

    Nice design, make into a 2 seater or 4 seater model & add prop motor for extra lift
    Mass produce
    Great for use worldwide.
    CA AZ HI NZ EU, Brazil.

  • Bruce says:

    Nice renderings, but does it even FLY??
    C of G looks f’ed up. Fiberglass death trap!! Do you even have an actual flying prototype model, or just messing around in your computer class?

  • Anderdon says:

    Every aircraft starts as a computer model and goes through extensive cfd testing, before any prototype is built.

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