People Get Around Like the Fatties in WALL-E

I’m dying over this concept called the Supple. It’s an electrically powered chair driven by a spherical wheel so you can move in any direction and turn on a dime. It’s wireless enabled using a communication system called AGV or automatic guide vehicle. Just tell it where you want to go on the map and it figures the rest out. They can even be linked to ride tandem. HOLLA! Listen, I saw WALL-E. At the risk of becoming some lazy oaf, I’d love to ride around in one of these babies – napping all the way to the grocery store.

Designer: Mohamad Sadegh Samakoush Darounkolayi


  • Akhil says:


  • @upioneer says:

    looks silly but fun. id try it out

  • frank says:

    these guys want to make everyone disabled. stupid

  • Furniture says:

    This is the future of the world. Moving furniture so you don't have to. I agree it will make people lazy but the designs that come out of these styles are so fun to look at!

  • krevproductions says:

    I am all for cientific advances in any field but I believe it would be best for our health if we didn't go for the idea that was brought up in Wall-E, we should start cleaning the planet in an efficient way, I know that most of the mentioned designs in yankodesign are made to be eco-friendly but most are just concepts, and most will unfortunatley remain that way: concepts.

  • sandeep says:

    this is so cool I would love to try it

  • sandeep says:

    this is so cool I would love to try it

  • Former Nameless King says:

    A design like this would be above and beyond the ultimate in the world market. Up to now, the ideas of vehicles like this have been limited to the laughable Segway and the useful electric wheelchair. If someone were to create and start actually producing these, they would oh, so easily dominate the world market. Not to mention the fat that all of those fat, lazy blobs of people would be SO easy to step on and over. Just don’t get sucked into your own designs. By the way, on the subject of WALL-E…I am an avid scientist utterly bent on world domination (seriously, folks) and I have seen the flaws in that movie, although it is one of my favorites. I want a real WALL-E, but if a person would be to spend seven centuries in microgravity, their bones would be TOTALLY GONE by the time they got back to Earth! And there is no way they would be able to stand and walk! These guys are so fat it’s a wonder they can still meet to have kids! Anyway, great design, and…look for my name or lack thereof on the nets sometime soon, ok?

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