A Trivet With a Twist

However simple, Trivae is an equally multifunctional cooking tool that serves many purposes in the kitchen. Collapse or expand to use it as a display for your dishes, a holder for lids of any size, or as a traditional trivet for any hot pots going on your table or counter. Once finished, use it to elevate your dishes to dry or fold it for easy storage.

Designer: rSr Creations


  • Jen says:


  • Lee says:

    I want this for my kitchen.

  • Will says:

    wow! I love this multipurpose trivet.

  • tracy says:

    very nice….great when you are entertaining at home.

  • gogreen says:

    i like this. where can I get it?

  • Ha-neul says:

    brilliant! any idea on the price and shipping?

  • Hyun-woo says:

    hey…not bad…i want more details please.

  • george says:

    my wife will go gaga over this.

  • In-jung says:

    price and availability details please.

  • Svetlana says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’m the designer and inventor of Trivae. Thank you so much for all of the great comments and feedback. Trivae is available now through Kickstarter. For anyone interested in more details and to purchase your own, please use the following link: http://bit.ly/trivae.

  • Rebecca Brei says:

    Hi Lee! So glad you like the look of Trivae! We are running a Kickstarter campaign now which ends in a week (!) and so you can pre-buy it there. We have specialty colors we’re only offering through the campaign as well. Please check it out and support us by being one of the very first in the world to have one! bit.ly/trivae – thank you so much!

  • Rebecca Brei says:

    Find it here: bit.ly/trivae!

    The price is $50 for the model shown above and shipping is currently included as a special on our Kickstarter campaign. It’s available only for the next week! We also have speciality colors at a variety of price points which are available only through this Kickstarter campaign. Help support us and bring this to life!

  • very nice , I think it should be in every home

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