Wacaco Minipresso GR2: Better Coffee in a Smaller, Lighter, Portable Design

Good things take time. Whether it’s waiting minutes while your coffee brews, waiting weeks for new episodes of your favorite series, waiting years for tech to improve, or in the case of Wacaco, waiting 10 long years for their award-winning Minipresso to get its much-needed upgrade. Since its launch in 2014, the Minipresso has been perhaps the gold standard in outdoor portable espresso brewing. Wacaco designed the entire gizmo from the ground up, with a patented pressure-building system that worked without batteries. The Minipresso ran entirely on kinetic energy, using a hand-powered pump to generate up to 8 bars of pressure for the perfect brew. 10 years later, the Minipresso GR2 makes its debut, with a smaller, lighter design that accepts more coffee grounds than before, giving you more brew for your buck. It still runs on its classic hand-pumped design, but now also uses eco-friendly biomaterials in its design that reduce plastic consumption and waste.

Designer: Cédric Gobber

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The challenge with the Minipresso GR2 was to pretty much create a version 2.0 of a product that was already pretty perfect. The first-edition Minipresso GR still is impressive for its size and capabilities, so going back to the drawing board wasn’t about problem-solving, it was about design-refinement and feature-addition. The Minipresso GR2 is now a whopping 5cm or 2 inches shorter than its predecessor, making it shorter than the average smartphone at just 4.9 inches in height. Designed originally for travel and outdoor use, this tinier design makes it much more space-efficient, allowing it to fit into handbags, backpacks, travel cases, duffels, or even in a jacket pocket for you to carry around. The smaller design is lighter too, weighing 285 grams or 0.63 lbs, but the small size doesn’t necessarily mean less coffee… in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The Minipresso GR2 embodies user-friendliness, sturdy materials, and an elegant design, ensuring a flawless espresso brewing experience with every use.

While the previous Minipresso GR accepted only 8 grams of coffee in its basket, the GR2 gives you the option of loading 12 grams of coffee grounds in for a stronger shot of espresso. The basket comes with a modular, height-adjustable design, letting you load either 8 or 12 grams of coffee into its basket. Depending on whether you like your coffee regular or strong (also depending on the roast you load into the Minipresso GR2), you have the option of brewing a lighter or bolder cup of coffee. The user experience is further enhanced with the integration of a water tank that also includes a dosing funnel and a drip tray.

This cutting-edge portable espresso maker incorporates our most advanced pumping system, which results from years of experience and innovation, ensuring optimal extraction efficiency.

Brewing with the Minipresso GR2 hasn’t changed at all, helping users adjust to the newer design with no learning curve. The Minipresso GR2 disassembles to reveal its multiple parts. The upper double-walled flask holds up to 80ml of hot water, while the basket below it carries the coffee grounds. To brew your coffee, set up the pump by twisting it to have it pop out. Pump the Minipresso a few times to build the pressure needed for the espresso to brew perfectly, and use the included lid as an espresso cup to extract your coffee into. The process takes under a minute, and can be done without batteries or electricity, letting you brew fresh coffee on a beach, a campsite, a mountaintop, or heck, even inside an airplane so you don’t pay for the overpriced coffee they serve on flights.

Measure your coffee.

Get your coffee fix ready.

Enjoy your drink.

The tinier Minipresso GR2 comes with a new design too, boasting cleaner surfaces, minimal details, and an easy-to-clean format that makes maintenance a breeze. The double-wall design helps keep the hot water inside the Minipresso GR2 hot, while keeping the outer surface cool so you can brew your coffee without having to deal with a hot or warm device. The outer shell is also made from a new wheat-composite polymer as opposed to traditional petrochemical-based plastics. This bioplastic, along with the 30% smaller size helps the Minipresso GR2 have a much smaller climate impact than its predecessor… all while letting you brew more, better, stronger coffee. I guess that’s something worth waiting a few years for, right?

Handy cover.

Photo credit: Garance Rx

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