Safer Cooking With Kerosene

Kerosene stoves are popular with the rural folks, especially in Africa and India. Although they provide a cheaper option to cooking, most of the stove designs have this danger of bursting into flames or causing an explosion. The Indaba Kerosene Stove is a sleeker and safer cooking stove that employs several safety mechanisms.


  • The Indaba stove has multiple safety features to ensure a safer cooking experience including a safety mechanism that shuts off the flame if the stove is ever knocked over.
  • It has double walled steel walls that prevent the outer surface from getting hot, preventing accidental burns.
  • It also feature handles for the user to safely transport to stove without touching the outer surface.
  • It has a child proof safety fuel cap that is made out of plastic so that if in the event of a house fire the fuel cap will melt off preventing the stove from exploding.
  • The main feature is the safety mechanism that shuts off the flame if it is knocked over or picked up preventing the possibility of the stove starting a fire and causing injuries.
  • The safety feature works on a rack and pinion system with suspension springs that will pull the wicks down if the stove is knocked over shutting off the flame. The stove also includes a pressure fit cooking pot that creates a complete cooking experience for the user.

Designer: Dean Loock