Boskke Sky Planter Clear Giveaway

Because we received such amazing feedback about the Boskke Sky Planter Clear, we hooked up with the company to do a three day giveaway to our readers. If you don’t know what a Sky Planter is, it’s a self-watering hanging planter. The pot delivers the exact amount of water to your plant. Never again worry about under or over watering. Every plant looks different as it defies gravity and grows upside down. For the next three days, we’re giving one medium size Sky Planter Clear. Hit the jump to find out how to enter.

To enter:

That’s it! At the end of each day, we’ll tally up all the valid entries and pick a winner. Enter everyday to increase your chances. Giveaway is open to the USA and Europe.

Day 1 winner: Andrew Howell

Day 2 winner: Felix Isidorsson

Day 3 winner: Lee Hyde

Sponsor: Boskke



  • Micah Schmidt says:

    A Jumping cholla, hung near a window to stop intruders.

  • Matthew Hemes says:

    I’d grow cherry tomatoes or Tulips! Plants with some great colour!

  • ANNETTE F says:

    Cherry tomatoes

  • kellee kimbro says:

    A spaghetti tree.

  • Kimutai Cherono says:

    I would grow bouganvillea

  • Peter erik Hälldahl says:

    I whould love to try too grow a aloe vera plant 🙂

  • marc says:

    I would definitely grow a vegetable plant like a tomato variety or snap peas. If I could grow a whole vegetable garden upside down, I think it would be amazing!

  • Lee Hyde says:

    I would love to try re-potting my young Naga Bhut Jolokia chilli plant (hottest chillies in the world), or maybe a cutting thereof, in one of your sky planters.

    Been lusting after one of these for a while, but my cashflow is reserved for setting up my vegetable patch for the time being. *puppy dog eyes*

  • mariana says:

    Swedish ivy.

  • nerka says:

    I find it unnatural.

  • Leslie says:

    I have an heirloom Hoya that belonged to my grandfather. I am forever either over watering or under watering. I need this.

  • siobhan says:

    I would like to grow a teeny cheese plant! 😀

  • siobhan says:

    I would like to grow a teeny cheese plant!

  • Afraz7 says:

    Basil in my kitchen bay window

  • Matteo says:

    I would grow a variety of herbs in our courtyard and pick daily as required.

  • Becca M says:

    I would probably repot my masquerade pepper or grow some sort of herb. Basil maybe.

  • Diane Riedel says:

    I would grow some sort of ivy. Not sure which variety, I’d have to see what was available at the nursery. Looks like a fun way to grow! 🙂

  • andrew says:

    I would grow some delicious finishes tomatoes and herbs to use in my kitchen and feed my family!

  • tatiana says:

    I would love to grow tomatoes and orchids, tomatoea bc too heavy when growing and tips right over, orchids the same plus the flower is beautiful.

  • Colleen C says:

    I would grow basil in it! What an awesome planter! We grew upside down tomatoes last year – they worked pretty well. Love this!

  • Santa Bensone says:

    A plant that looks like a lamp would be perfect, but I’d choose the Aloe Polyphilla.

  • Santa Bensone says:

    I would grow the Thymus pulegioides in it.

  • chris says:

    Scallion&cilantro. We use them daily. 🙂

  • chris says:

    Aloe vera, Scallion&cilantro. We use them daily. 🙂

  • Lee Hyde says:

    I’m baa…aaak! I would also love to try growing a cutting of my chocolate mint in the sky planter. It’s a handsome plant, with rich, dark green leaves and a fantastic smell and taste. Best of the mints in my view, delicious in coffee (just brew a cutting of chocolate mint in the coffee for a few minutes)

  • greeking says:

    Great botanical lights. make me think of these as well :

  • Lee Hyde says:

    It’s been over a week and no word; did I really win? 🙁

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