And Now It’s Time For A nWatch

I love the passion that drives designer Mohammad Mahdi Azimi, he dishes out great Nokia concepts even in the troubled times of this erstwhile phone giant. Let’s take a look at his Nokia LUMIA Watch concept. With features like pressure indicator, compass, altimeter, GPS, Calorie meter, 4G LTE and syncing with the Lumia series of phones, this one is a good competition for the iWatch, what do you think?

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Designer: Mohammad Mahdi Azimi


  • joe says:

    I like it. I’d buy it.

  • Zeak says:

    The UI needs a lot more adaptation for such a small screen, not just scaling it down. I suppose a single file per screen is optimal. Then there are those navigation buttons that won’t work. User would just mistap then every single time. So yeah, the UI needs a lot more work.

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