Backyard Beehive

The alarming decline in honey bee populations has gotten a great deal of attention in recent years and this has translated into numerous products to curb the odd disappearance. Rowan Dunford’s Urban Beehive represents a modern take on the traditional hive that will appeal to contemporary home environments. The lightweight, stackable, and flat-pack-ready design has a simple and understated aesthetic. With straightforward setup and operation, the casual beekeeper can be up-and-running in no time.

Designer: Rowan Dunford


  • Milton Wheeler says:

    Bee-utiful! I want this.

  • Béasse Eden says:


    I shall to know the price of this product and how i can buy it?


  • James Smith says:

    I like your beehive design, but it would seem the size is such that the bees would outgrow it very quickly and swarm. It looks like each hive section is independent of the one below it. If I am wrong , that would be very good. Bees need expansion room to prevent swarming and to produce excess honey to harvest.

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