A Nose For Heat

The heat sensitive material of the Nohot Cup’s lid expands when the drink is too hot, providing a clear warning. In a way it helps you not scald your tongue with a drink too hot. When the temperature of the drink drops to 30°C, the circle contracts and becomes as flat as the surrounding lid again. This means the drink is safe to consume at a bearable temperature. For people like me who don’t dig piping hot coffee, this is quite a sensible solution.

A circular section of heat-sensitive material on the lid expands when it is heated. If the user tries to drink from the cup when the circle protrudes, it will hit their nose as a warning signal.

Nohot Cup is a red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Yang Dongyun, Wu Yichen, Sang Xinxin, Gu Zhiyu & Lin Xia