Give Your Bike Wingz

The versatile Wingz Rack rethinks the way we transport gear on bicycles. Simultaneously radical and simplistic, the design differs from others by utilizing hinged bars that are able to be fixed in any position to accommodate a wide variety of gear, large or small. It’s a lighter, less bulky alternative to baskets and saddle bags. Simply secure cargo with the bungee strap and you’re good to go!

Wingz incorporates several features:

-Slotted design on the bars to allow for a variety of bungee strap/cord configurations

-Polyurethane friction strips on top of the bars to prevent your gear from sliding off (i.e. books, boxes, crates, etc)

– Seatpost adapter with integrated rubber suspension block to absorb shocks while riding over rough terrain and further protect your gear from damage

– Hybrid fender/rack fin that can support additional cargo AND protect your gear from mud/slush/rain

– Removable clamp adapters that are easy to install/remove in case you want to stow away your rack and fender

– Easy to use thumb screws and QR (quick release) pins so you don’t have to rely on tools while on the go

Designer: Beda Angelo Ignacio Pormentilla


  • rebelawais says:

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  • Marcel says:

    How will this not swivel sideways with my precious cargo once I go round a bend?

    I’m also suspecting that the base plate will react a bit like a diving board once I hit a bump, and my cargo gets projectiled upward.

  • beda says:

    Hi Marcel, the bars are held in place using thumb screws that once tightened cause a clamping effect to prevent the bars from swaying side to side. The base plate is actually more rigid than it looks and yes there will be slight movement but not enough to cause your gear to get bumped off. Plus, the use of bungee straps will prevent your cargo from falling. Hope this helps answer your questions =)

  • Etsi says:

    pictures with cargo, please

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