Clever Cutlery

It’s a sporkife! No wait… a knoork??  Whatever it is, this curious-looking cutlery design was created with respect to the logical order in which people might eat their food. The hybrid spoon/knife/fork is first used as a spoon to consume side dishes before being broken at the perforation to form a separate knife and fork for cutting protein items. While the disposable object is still made of plastic, it generates less waste than other plastic cutlery sets.

Designer: Bozzai Krisztina


  • hmmm says:

    really bad choice of background colour.

  • Theresa says:

    At this time and age we should be exploring the use of a more sustainable substance to use in the design of disposable anything. Plastic is so passé. Lets use our collective talents to create items that do not contribute to the pollution of our already fragile planet. The design concept is interesting, but it would be better if it was biodegradable.

  • merylstreep517 says:

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  • James says:

    Terrible design, using this is going to end up leaving you looking like the joker ! bad choice having the cutting edge where it is

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