This sucks in the best way…

The Jet is what you get when you give a common household appliance a little bit of hawg-motorcycle style. The chromed-out design captures the spirit of the Harley Davidson brand with shapes, curves and exhaust elements taken directly from the line of cruisers. Even the handle is leather-clad like a replica of the Harley’s iconic saddle. Just one problem… it’s as loud as it is powerful… just like Harley Davidson likes it!

Designer: Jurmol Yao


  • tom says:

    Is it a hoover ?
    It’s a fail, if you haven’t seen the first pic, you can’t imagine it’s for “Harley” … Nothing remind me the famous brand, and certainly not the ugly leather at rear.

  • An interesting piece of abstract art! Oh, is it a functional object? A tool of some sort? I can’t for my life figure out what it is supposed to be! Perhaps Yanko could provide a little more clue than “it sucks”? Speaking of suck… is it just me, or is it supposed to look like a duck? =)

  • QuiteQuietQuit says:

    No, it just plan sucks in the normal way.

  • ken says:

    its a hand held vacuum i believe

  • lion says:

    not good rendering roughness just a little bit or change the color off the backroung
    this project is uneusefull

  • Daniel says:

    What is it….

  • Flavio says:

    You forgot to mention this is a concept handheld vacuum… I had to go to the designer’s website to actually find out what this is…

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