Time in Color

Gotta love this clever take on the modern watch! The Colorclock redefines the way we envision time by slowly transitioning the hue of the face across the color spectrum as time goes by. Now you get up five minutes to green, grab some lunch at half-past yellow, and go to bed at the stroke of purple. Do want!

Designer: Maxim Mezentsev


  • snydez says:

    just out of curiosity, what happened if this ‘idea’ stolen and produced by some watch vendor?
    since i have almost the same idea but never put it publicly since i afraid somebody will stole the idea from me 🙂
    *somehow you publish this

  • JulienBr says:

    this watch design is soooooo far from the precision

  • led says:

    u gotta keep a reference color paper in ur hand all the time

  • Boudoir says:

    Love the design, but I dont think i will be to practical maybe there should be a buton you can press and then it will show you the time, that way you dont have to carrie a color key sheet to figure out what time it is

  • cados says:

    if you look on the side of the watch there is a small section that shows the actual numerical indication of the time, with the hour in the center and the minutes at the bottom of it. Formatted simply to look like a minimalistic timer.

  • Samwell says:

    Cool project! There is code for an open source arduino based color clock that uses the DS1307 chip so it wont reset after power downs at: http://www.lucidtronix.com/tutorials/29

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