The Caffeine Alchemist


Sometimes a good cup of coffee can really help throw a bad day in perspective… And let’s not talk about bad days, right? All I’m saying is, caffeine doesn’t solve problems, but it gives you the ability to deal with them, which is why getting that perfect blend of coffee is so important. The Proper Coffee Pour Over Drip does a proper job of filtering your coffee, much like its name suggests. The Drip’s compact design is enough to give you your one perfect cup of coffee. In fact, it hovers directly above your cup dripping the precious brown fluid directly into the cup!

Its slender vertical ensures a long brew time, making the brew stronger, extracting every bit of flavor from the grind. The drip comes with a reusable stainless steel filter screen that come in 3 different sizes giving you control over the drip speed and therefore the intensity of your coffee. The Proper Coffee Pour Over Drip gives you complete control over the taste of your coffee, and therefore control over your day too!

Designer: Bill Abbe

Buy It Here: $74.99 $99.00