I’m Not A Hanger!

For once I am in total agreement with a designer’s explanation so I’m quoting word-for-word! “In general, we like to hang things on a chair. However, the back of chair is not a place to hang clothes. Angry Chair expresses such feeling toward men’s behavior by giving up the role of clothes hanger.”

Designer: Yena Lee


  • paul sandip says:

    if there ain’t no back rest…it isn’t a chair….don’t angry me!

  • Matthias says:

    More of a “fun little concept”, but certainly not a serious product.

    Anyone not knowing of the chairs devilish intentions are in grave danger of getting in touch with the floor with the back of their heads. Fun, eh?

  • KG says:

    wtf is wrong with hanging clothes on the back of a chair??!! Why is this a bad men’s behaviour??

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