Band Aid Pop

I recently had a nasty fall that required me to dress and change my bandages everyday. The kind of wound that I had was quite deep and wide, and bang on the knee. Imagine, for almost two months that it took to heal, I had to use two set of ointments, one cream, sterile gauze and tape, to hold things together. It was painful and a long-drawn process. If only I had access to concepts like the Popband-aid, those two months would have been easy for me.

Designers: Byun Ji Hyun, Chang Min Jeong, Hong Myung Jik & Yun So Hyeon


  • pice says:

    so nice

  • praxis says:

    nice approach. i’m having doubts regarding a few areas of your design though. but i don’t want to be the guy who disses each concept. good work, designer.

  • conceptinator says:

    Me too, praxis. I’ll just point out that people buy/sell band-aids in bulk. a small box holds about 10-20 of them. Devising a packaging per bandaid, that is as thick as yours, you are compromising highly on space. which will inadvertently increase the price per bandaid, to compensate for the extra charges during logistics. you’ve taken an approach that involves the packaging in the bandaid application process. but at the risk of increasing your footprint.

  • foya says:

    i think this idea hasn’t hit a dead end. there’s a lot you can explore in terms of the design of the packaging as well as the band-aid design. consider getting in touch with companies that manufacture these. you may have glitches with the ointment part of it. each country has different medicinal laws.
    i still think you should push this concept towards reality. you may have a win on your hands!

  • Judge_Adam says:

    Might I suggest you look at different types of thick paper. papier mache also. They’re relatively rigid and will pop/snap the way you want them to.

  • MisterPiyush says:

    sounds like a good idea. it is a relatively simple design. they should have made a test model with actual paper. that would have helped.

  • says:

    “Otherwise the client goes crazy,” shee mentioned.

  • چه سایت مفیدی به به

  • doesn’t this concept already exist with faucets?

  • APISMEDIA says:

    Acquiring ROI from the web is everyone’s job.

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