The PowerCutter Convenience

You may disconnect the charger cable from your device, but the truth is that power consumption continues till you actually switch it off from the mains. We are well aware of this problem and before this Brady Bunch, we have had quite a few designers come up with solutions to resolve it. What we have here is the PowerCutter, a charger cable with a built-in switch inside the socket. One of the entrant wires connects directly to the switch, and it is turned off when the socket is not connected to a device.

As the designers explain, “ thus the main circuit is inoperative and it does not draw energy even though the adaptor is still plugged into the wall outlet. Once the socket is plugged into a device, switch will be operated and the circuit is connected.”

PowerCutter is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Soheyl Ghiami, Kourosh Mahdavi, Elmira Cheraghi, Saba Saboursadeghzadeh & Yasna Kalantar


  • Laily Ezzy says:

    It is perfect, LIKE

  • Quintin Smits says:


    But while you’re making a custom plug, why use that whole loop of wire after the switch and not just connect it inside the plug directly?

  • Quintin Smits says:

    Never mind…

    Thing is, with this design; you’re moving the dangerous high AC voltage into the small DC plug…

  • jand says:

    Be certain the transformer is totally switched off as you will still get a ghost consumption form the primary coil.

  • Christopher says:

    The truth is that power consumption does NOT continue if you are using a switching power supply. These are found in 99% of all phone chargers, all iPods, computer power supplies & their ilk. The circuit only supplies the power demand, so there is no current when they are not charging a device.

    This is not the case for older transformers. If this is what you’re addressing then my predecessors have pointed out other flaws in your design.

  • So you all know, and the Red-dot jury don’t. lol

  • Christopher says:

    Well nice to know that some jury can decide to ignore physics & it will just go away. Make up your own mind: take a Watt meter & measure the power consumption of the power supply with & without your phone charging & then decide.
    The greatest thing that this design will get is a red dot followed by a red “x”.

  • Martin says:

    I did it , with and without phone its different (My charger is Nokia)

  • Bob A says:

    Great Idea

  • Josh says:

    Good idea!! You don’t need any Watt meter, just listen to your charger when no device is connected. There’s a sound showing there is a consumption.

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