Life’s Good

So how would you go about rebranding and redefining and iconic company, which has dished out some cutting-edge innovations over the years? If you the likes of Tim Escolin, Spencer Davis and Xinyi Wang, then this is probably what you will do: design a whole new range of tech products and try and make it as top-notch as the original, if not better. Say hello to The Define Mobile Phone, Lift Protective Tabs for the phone, Boom dock, Aux dongle and Snap Camera. All packaged in one sleek look!

Designers: Tim Escolin, Spencer Davis and Xinyi Wang


  • h_design says:

    awesome! really so nice

  • paul says:

    cool !!
    Oh… just concepts.
    Yer, concepts are easily made to look pretty cool. Getting them out the door into our hands, fully functional with great apps… that’s the hard part.

  • Grey says:

    Awesome job, the SNAP & AUX concept alone is pretty cool. I can se this happen.

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