We Can Agree On 1 Thing…

That with every election, including the last (Go Obama!), the topic of erroneous voting systems is inevitable! The MyVote system aims to streamline the process with mobile units that can be placed in a variety of locations from campuses to community centers where users can do everything from apply for identification, register to vote, research candidate viewpoints, & of course, VOTE! There’s also a MyVote app where users can request a physical ballot or place a digital vote using their smartphone or tablet.

Designer: Andrew James



  • Problem is in a real democratic land, the people, all of us, must be able to be a part of counting vote. With electronic voting machine, the people can’t do that a must trust the software and the hardware in it … that’s not acceptable.

    Come on just see all those video on each election where voting machine change the vote itself …

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Love the idea, but others in soceity would Block this progress & these issues effect MyBox:

    outright sabotage by parts tech?
    bad software
    & whole unit is Useless Unless has adaptions for such built in into Box.
    Must for Nationwide.

    Must deter Voter Fraud alone.

  • BC says:

    Google: “estonian e-voting”

  • This is a good idea and well thought out. I feel that there would be way to many problems with how it would operate throughout the voting process.

  • mif991 says:

    No trust of software/hardware, no go.

  • MJ says:

    Looks like a standard voting machine in a redbox outfit. It would be pretty much unnecessary except for 2 days out of the year. It would require a poll worker at each one to ensure campaigning was not happening near it, to help people who have problems, and confirm identities. Better yet why not just let us vote online and be done with the machine. If you have the security to vote from a smartphone why would you walk to the machine?

    I think a smaller voting machine so polling places could have more would be much more helpful.

  • brianna says:

    I dont c how that can make a difference

  • Hunter says:

    This would be an easy Segway to either a) multiple votes from the same person, b) votes from non-existent people / characters, c) voter tracking and discrimination.

    Anyone remember the movie Man of the Year?

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