The RoadShow Is Ready! Namaste Product Design Days

We gave a huge shout out to all ye designers that Product Design Days is coming up in November and that Yanko Design will be presenting the Yanko Design RoadShow. Well, November is here and we just wanted to update you that if you are in the vicinity of Chennai, then do drop in and see what an innovative exhibition and conference this event is.

I call it an innovative show simply because Product Design Days is the first of its kind exhibition and conference in India, where business houses and manufacturers are getting an insight to why streamlining a product designer into their business realm is an imperative move, especially if they want to sustain themselves in the long run. Essentially is the place where designers and design firms get to meet and explore options and forge new business liaisons with the other side of the spectrum.

This perspective ties in with what Yanko Design is all about, connecting designers with people from the industry and be that link that helps showcase talents.

The conference in conjunction with the exhibition will speak about theories, techniques and technologies of design and development. It will set the stage for cross pollination of ideas and best practices apart from sharing experiences, inspiration, knowledge and skills. Eminent speakers will be touching upon various topics and details can be found here.

And now for the pièce de résistance, participation for The RoadShow got an overwhelming response and we are proud to be representative for some really innovative designers, design firms and companies. Below is the list of cool folks that YD will be showcasing and representing.

I take this moment to give a shout-out to TouchOfModern – home for extraordinary design. Many thanks for everything!

Product Design Days is being held in Chennai India from the 22-23 November 2012. Be a part of the expo by attending the conference and visiting the exhibition to see cutting-edge, inspirational designs. See you there!