15 Amazing Best of Best red dot award: design concept winner 2012

It was a glittering night that had all the elements of a perfect evening. The trophies shone bright, the smiles were flashy and young designers sashayed the red carpet with the finesse of a celebrity. October 19th saw the unveiling of the winners of the coveted red dot award: design concept in Singapore. It was an honor to be a part of the celebrations and festivities and be in the company of such creative people. Here is a look at fifteen concepts from the Best of Best list, that took our fancy; including the top-award – the red dot luminary!

red dot award: luminary – Float Base Station by Huang Hsin Ya & Huang Pin Chen

Float Base Station is a temporary emergency communication station.

Add Up by Prof. Fan Cheng Kuei, Deng Pei Chih & Hsieh Tsai Ni

Add Up is a cash conversion system for a traveler that puts small change to good use.

AIRTUBE Earphone by Seok Jiwon, Lee Hyunjoo & Hwang Sunmi

Airtube Earphones are automatically activated by air pressure when they are placed in the ears. Similarly, the music is automatically switched off when they are removed.

AmoeBAND by Tsai Cheng-yu, Yi-Ting Chen, Chen Kuei-Yuan, Tay Pek-Khai, Hsu Hao-Ming, Lai Jen-Hao, Chung Kuo-Ting, Chen Ying-Shan, Ho Chia-Ying & Weng Yu-Ching

The amoeba is able to adjust its shape to suit its environment. In AmoeBAND, this quality was applied to the typical adhesive bandage to enhance its adaptability.

ZIPPER by Arman Emami

Zipper is a flying indoor camera nd recording device.

Pojagi Net by Cheon Jae-Wook, Choi Min-Young, Chae Chang-Yi, Tak Hyeong-Ryeol, Han Sang-Wook, Shin Jung-Chul & Ha Seung-Mok

Pojagi Net is a multipurpose dry-compression mosquito net that was designed to address the problem of malaria.

NEST by Yoon Jeho & Zhang Yifan

NEST is transforms from an air mattress to a boat via the manipulation of its internal hooks and ropes.

Rotaress Pouring Pot by Leong Suki & Huang Zhirong

With its rotating handles, Rotaress Pouring Pot offers a simple, low-tech, and very effective solution to the common problems associated with draining a cooking pot.

Sense by Amornthep Treekuna, Soranun Choochut, Kitikhun Chitaphanya, Dome Boonyanurak & Piyawadee Tungkaprasert

Sense is a unique bathroom tap that activates and sets the water temperature based on its detection of the user’s hands.

Kitchen Icicle by Park Ji Yeon & Jo Eun Hee

Kitchen Icicle is a set of magnetic-tipped cooking utensils that bring a touch of fun – and convenience – to one’s kitchen.

JARPET by Zhang Di, Zhao Tianji, Ma Yinghui & Cui Minghui

JARPET is a children’s device for visualizing pets through 3D projections. Kids can enjoy vivid interactions with it via multi-sensory technology.

TenXion 101 by Chuang Chen-Hua

TenXion glasses provide a simple, comfortable, and stable structure, and are made with light, ductile materials.

SAV+0 by Kwon YongMin, Kim MinJi & Hwang ShinHee

SAV+0 enables people who wear artificial legs to enjoy sports more easily thanks to its modular design and specialized detachable components.

Integrated Workstation by Matthew Plumstead

Taking only the most essential components of a workstation and adding a third component, the daybed, the Integrated Workstation provides maximum flexibility in a very modest footprint.

Dog Pack by Wen-Yo Lu

Dog Pack is breathable mesh backpack for dogs that accompany their owners on mountain hikes. It has two detachable bags and can be transformed into a raincoat.