Contact Case from Heaven

If you’re like me & cursed with bad vision, then you know how irritating it can be to constantly deal with your contacts. You gotta have the solution, the case, the glasses… KILLING! The Lens Safe case offers a little relief by combining all of the necessary elements into one compact unit (in a variety of colors!) that’s more stylish and functional than the boring medical style cases.  Solution is stored between the R and L lens containers so you’re never left dry!

Designer: Simon Michel


  • -anonymous- says:

    This is a nice one. Better if you could also incorporate a compartment for eyeglass so that user can also put their eyeglass to the case when contacts are in use, and vise versa. 🙂

  • brisa says:

    from what i see, the two compartments for the lenses are on opposite ends, which is great, but that would require the case to be somewhat hard to protect the lenses. but if the case was hard, how would the solution come out? unless the middle part is squishable…and by solution i’m assuming solution for eyedrops, because i have hard lenses :I

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