Wrap Up: 2012 red dot award: design concept

It was a wise comment when someone pointed out that design competitions are a means to measure one’s creativity. They give us that edge that makes us stand apart from the rest of the herd. So does this mean we need to participate in any and every competition? No! Contrary, we need to be selective and choose ones that are capable of give us that cutting edge; something top-of-the-line like red dot.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51xYs63guFw 600 451]

We were at the 2012 red dot award: design concept winners presentation ceremony in Singapore and this is what we saw:

The evening kicked off with Ken Koo, President red dot Asia, welcome all the guests and winners. The impressive LED backdrop reinforced the red dot branding and the soon enough Dr. Prof. Peter Zec went onstage to address the crowd. The one thing that struck us about Peter’s welcome speech was his passionate commitment to empowering young designers gain their foothold in the industry. He rightly says, that when you are fighting for yourself, and looking for ways to get that edge, a red dot award acts as handy ammunition in your portfolio.

Quite a contrast from the somber proceedings of the red dot award: product design, the concept design ceremony is filled with spunk and antics by the winners on the ramp.

We saw precious poses, couples kissing, Gangnam Style dancing, traditional clothes and loads of sexy attitude! The walk up the ramp is getting creative by the year! Rumor has it that almost every year red dot has to turn down requests from romantic boys who want to pop the question to their girls while on the ramp! As Ken Koo puts it, it is everyone’s night so one smitten couple cannot steal the show! We agree.

Bombay Sapphire created a special red dot cocktail for the evening and designers were seen enjoying them! The night clearly belonged to the young guns! We wound up the party a little past midnight, bringing home heady memories of the ramp walk. However like Peter said in his speech, the evening equally belonged to those who dared to dream, come out of their comfort zone and participate in such a prestigious design competition. Yes, the non-winners were thanked for their contribution as well.

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