Friday Giveaway: Two Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensors To Be Won

Give your plant a voice; give it the Koubachi advantage! Green thumb or not, everyone appreciates a great looking healthy plant, moreover who can resist fresh roses beautifully potted and maintained. Since not all of us are into plants, a little help from technology can make us the proud owners of healthy and thriving plants at home and at work. This is where Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensors fit in. This weekend two people stand a chance to win this innovative sensor.

To Win

  • Tell us which plant or flower brings a smile to your face?

Contest Rules

  • Two Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensors to be won
  • Contest open worldwide
  • Standard contest rules apply
  • Contest Closes: October 7, midnight PST

More About Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensors

The Koubachi soil moisture sensor works in al¬most any soil, no matter if you use humus, clay-based, or sandy substrates. The sensor’s system is self-learning: only one sensor in your household is enough to get the most precise care model for each plant – switch it from plant to plant! Equipped with a best-in-class soil moisture sensor, the Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor provides un¬matched accurate measurements. It works like your plants’ roots – it measures the exact amount of water that is available to your plants. Connected to your Wi-Fi network, the sensor informs you in real-time when your plant needs to be taken care of, so you can react before it is too late. To know more hit this link.


  • Feruz says:

    Sunflower as I look I feel they are smiling to me as well! And with Koubachi sensors I think I will never forget smiling 🙂

    • Samantha Mortimer says:

      I would have to say its my jade plant, aka the money plant. Why? I hope it bring me good luck and reminds me to keep working hard to grow my business and prosperity. Corny I know but true!

    • Samantha Mortimer says:

      My jade plant, aka the money plant. Why? I hope it bring me good luck and reminds me to keep working hard to grow my business and prosperity. Corny I know but true!

    • Samantha Mortimer says:

      My jade plant, aka the money plant. I hope it bring me good luck and reminds me to keep working hard to grow my business and prosperity.

  • Cinzia says:

    I love Tulips. Every time I look at a photo, in a garden or by the florist I smile and feel more better! 🙂

  • Dan says:

    My dragon palm brings a smile to my face because I got it when I first moved into my house. Now it’s super tall. It makes me happy knowing I helped it grow instead of the opposite. Lol.

  • Jennifer says:

    My favourite plant is the Freesia. There are so many blossoms to one stem and they come in so many different colours. 🙂

  • Andrei says:

    I love lilies 😀

  • Franck says:

    I’ve got a Banana on my desk, from a seed. So nice to see it grows !!!

  • Benjamin says:

    My pothos never fails= to bring a smile to my face. They creep up the wall so high up and their leaves are bigger than my face. It is so heartwarming to see the resilience shown in these pothos even though I am not very good in caring for it as I don’t have the Koubachi.

  • Fred says:

    smell of SWEET BASIL!! love it ;o)

  • Nadiv says:

    ooo, I must have it! I’ve grown overly attached to a stupid avocado plant I’ve been keeping for the last two years. every time a leaf has a new brown spot my heart breaks a little. every time a new leaf-bud appears I have a smile on my face

  • Konstantin says:

    The smell of Lilac melts my soul…

  • Kimberly R. says:

    My desert rose flowers, the plant is very hardy and flowers a lot.

  • Willie says:

    I have no idea what plant is this called but it is simply amazing. When I first got it, it was so green with plentiful leaves. However in my care, all the leaves were gone in a mere 30 days. After 2 years of barely surviving, it suddenly start growing all the leaves. The speed of growth has suddenly gone exponential. Now, everyday I reach home, the first thing that greets me is this luscious plant by the door. It really brings out the smile on my face after a long day at work. I will really like to have the Koubachi so that I can better grow this tough plant of mine; to ensure the continuous survival of this miracle.

  • dakar8 says:

    bird of paradise always get me smiling, reminds me of visiting my family in hawaii

  • Jared says:

    I smile every time I tend to a century old Christmas cactus I call Grandma. Every time I see it it reminds me of fond memories of my Grandmother who passed the plant down to me before she passed away. It was originally her mother’s and despite several catastrophes that have nearly killed it, it always grows back bigger and stronger just like she did in life.

  • Joe Berg says:

    Definitely the peace lily in my office, calming influence always does the trick for me 🙂

  • Mark says:

    Definitely mimosa pudica. On one side delicate and frail, on the other a thorny pest threatening Asian, American and Australian forests. But the best part is its leaves: they react to touch and direct sunlight. Once You have it in Your house, You can’t stop playing with it. See it, if You hadn’t yet:

  • nico78 says:

    I love my cactus. even after weeks of vacations it still greets me looking all fresh.

  • Michael says:

    All orchids enliven my home.

  • jenny says:

    the hoya carnosa (wax plant) brightens my day because it is such perfectly star-shaped.

  • Vera says:

    I love cactuses 🙂 It’s so touching to see gentle flowers among prickles!

  • Aleia says:

    My scunky plant brings smiles on my face!
    Wanna keep it healthy to smile again.

  • will says:

    Rubber trees are awesome. Ficus Elastica. I have one in my bedroom and enjoy the large thick leaves. While hearty, it’s difficult to remember to water it, i feel like the wi-fi sensor would make me feel less guilty when I neglect the plant.

  • Marky says:


  • Four dogs and one quilter says:

    Dandylions always make me smile and I like them in my yard even though people consider them a weed.

  • lquinlivan says:

    Morning glory!

  • Kevin says:

    Gerbera Daisies 🙂

  • Oliver says:

    Epipremnum aureum aka money plant.
    Helps remove formaldehyde and other VOC’s from the air keeping my family breathing healthy air. What’s not to smile about that.

  • Nancy says:


  • Rebecca Foreman says:

    Cactus, it reminds me of home (Texas) 🙂

  • Eoin says:

    Dandelion’s dispute everything no garden can get rid of them

  • S says:

    Robert Plant

  • Robert says:

    I’d I would say an Amaryllis – always a beautiful shot of color around the cloudy holiday season here.

  • Teresa says:

    The scent of jasmine gets me every time. Just looking at it makes me smile.

  • William says:

    sunflower because they look like many little baby suns on stilts

  • Vyacheslav Pak says:

    Ferns, I like ferns

  • Tomasz says:

    I would use it to water my Mandrake plant:), so that I can prepare ‘Mandrake Restorative Draught’ potion.

  • KMP says:

    That is an amazing invention!…I should get it regardless ; my plants are dying left and right great post!

  • Olivia Gerald says:

    A flower that brings a smile to my face is the rose. I like the bright colors and their sweet, heartwarming smell! 😀

  • Lydia Pais says:

    A flower that brings a smile to my face is the freesia. This is because I had a cluster growing next to my house back in India, when I was little. I still remember the strong and sweet scent of them that I absolutely love! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Philip Reid says:

    Gardenia… wonderful smell!

  • Ryan says:

    My phyllostachys nuda bamboo. It gives me such a sense of calm and relaxation, and always brings a smile to my face.

  • Jay says:

    Hydrangeas make me smile, they’re definitely my favorite Spring flower. Now that Autumn is upon us, I’m very much looking forward to our mums blooming!

  • Elvin P says:

    Yellow Roses always make me smile because they are warming and oddly enough they look like they’d be deliciously sweet if you took a bite (but that would be silly 🙂 )

  • Elysa says:

    Daffodils for sure. Yellow isn’t the most loved color of the rainbow, but to see it in a healthy daffodil seems to give it emotion showing that it’s happy. Healthy daffodils look like happy bells, and that makes me smile!

  • gordon says:

    Orchids! I just got married to my lovely wife – but I’m horrible with plants, I killed the orchid I gave her for our 1 month anniversary. Maybe Koubachi would help me keep two orchids alive for our two month anniversary to make it up to her?

  • brian says:

    Calla lilies, they were our wedding flowers. Hard to find pure white ones, though.

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