The Dustpan for Dummies

Tired of walking on eggshells while you use a dustpan? Even the slightest movement can result in a dirty disaster where debris goes everywhere! Ariel Anisfeld’s dustpan and brush design is a sensible solution made of industrial fabric that ensure the dirt collected won’t move even if you do. Better yet, it’s collapsible to save space when storing.

Designer: Ariel Anisfeld


  • irons says:

    lovely idea!
    Wonder why no one thought of this before. Dustbag instead of dustpan!

  • kelty says:

    i really love the idea too, but my concern is with the bag getting really dirty and smelly over time. I wipe up a lot of grimy stuff too, and that’ll just ruin the fabric on the bag.

  • dvorak_7768 says:

    there’s a reason it’s called a dustpan, kelty. It’s just for dust. not grime.

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