Not ordinary footprints, these Converse mid-tops let you print ink on the go

Imagine being able to print wherever you go, without the need for a conventional printer. This pair of Converse enables you to do just that. Combining form and function, these modified sneakers can be worn to print on almost any surface. From fabric to wood and from canvas to paper these shoes will leave a print on everything, quite literally!

In a collaboration that could only exist in the imagination, Instagrammer Taylor Tabb has merged HP’s printing prowess and Converse’s dynamic sneakers to give birth to what he calls the “Footprints,” an above-average pair of shoes built-in with a genuine print cartridge.

Designer: Taylor Tabb

With this concept of a shoe printer, Tabb has not only outdone himself – and mind you, he has made some very creative things in the past – he has erased soleprints in favor of Footprints for good!

The seamless integration of technology into footwear showcases Taylor’s ingenuity in transforming an imaginative concept into a tangible reality. To Tabb, his hack ignites a sense of wonder and curiosity: what happens when two seemingly contrasting worlds converge? What if two iconic brands, joined forces in an unexpected collaboration?

Turning imagination into reality, he kindled a few more minds. “Printing with a printer: old news, the dinosaurs did and we see how that turned out. Printing with a shoe: epic, way more convenient and cool,” an Instagrammer comments.

Most extraordinary ideas are often from the willingness to explore the unknown; Tabb’s creation is a good reflection of this. These printer-infused shoes inspire one to dream beyond convention and lead us into a world where shoe soles can leave ink imprints!