Rethinking the Chopper Control

Anyone else notice that RC helicopters use the same remote control as their land-confined counterparts? The Chorus controller is a new solution, designed specifically for the chopper. It features a hidden trigger under the body and a more comfortable, intuitive disc shape that pivots and angles to mimic the movement of the helicopter blades. It provides a somewhat more realistic experience that’s great for novice and expert flyers alike.

Designer: Ben Wahrlich


  • Chris says:


    yeah same thing came to my mind couple of years ago and your design pretty much nails it (good work).


    I’ve been flying RC helis myself for a while now and i pluged one of these 3d Mice (3d connexion) to a rc-heli-sim (heli-x)

    everything is fine as long as you don’t want to do acrobatics (loopings etc.)
    and it would be adviseable to have electronics that eliminates the “changing front” problem
    so that whenever you pull the disc to you the helicopter comes nearer to you.

    so… yes would be nice for these kind of simple beginners helicopter
    if you want to advance and do the crazy stuff… there really is reason for the oldschool 2 stick transmitters 😉

    kind regards Chris

  • digi_owl says:

    I think the Comanche military copter was designed to have a single stick control that functioned somewhat similar.

    Said stick operated as a normal stick, plus it could be twisted and moved up and down.

  • Krishnanunni says:

    Cool,It seems way more user friendly than the conventional control pad.

  • 1206549 says:

    in the kind of helicopter shown in the picture, the tail rotor’s job isn’t to provide countertorque, it’s to tilt the helicopter forward or backward. the 2 sets of blades in the main rotor are spinning in opposite directions to cancel each other out.

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