Maternity Clothes With A Difference

We are not speaking about the fashion angle here, but the possibility of wearing the same set of clothes pre, during and post pregnancy! Sounds magical but designer Rita seems to be onto something big, Dior – I hope you are listening, apparently she chose two different materials, one in ivory color, which had resistance fibers when washed in high temperature. And the other was a black material, which had shrinking fibers when washed in high temperature. Combining the two in the belly area in a knitted fashion, resulted in this amazing top!

As she explains, “In order to retain the product easily stretching and elastic, it is recommended to wash it at lower temperature, 30C, gentle mode, during the entire time of pregnancy. After giving birth, when shrinking of the product is needed in the belly’s area, it is recommended to wash it just once at temperature above 50C, gentle mode. Belly area of the garment will shrink, but breast area- will stay the same. After that, wash it at 30C temperature.”

Using two different fibers of the same color, although invisible in the product, performs an important function. I think the idea is great and being through two pregnancies, I know how much it pinches financially to let go of good maternity dresses.

Designer: Rita Kazokaite Kaupeliene