iPad Surface Design

Be honest, did it not cross your mind that what if iPad was the one with an integrated keyboard and not the Microsoft Surface? Well it did cross designer Luis Fonseca’s mind and apparently much before the Surface was revealed. So this is his take on the iPad 4 with all its innovations. He predicts a built-in keyboard, Bang & Olufsen speakers, 12-megapixel-1080p camera, and an aluminum frame. His idea is to design a complete laptop replacement and not just a tablet overhaul.

The keyboard slides out from the bottom and it comes with a portable hard disk, quad core CPU and an 7 to 8 inch display. As far as concepts go, this one is quite good for the iPad, but you never know with the design team, Jony Ive and Job’s spirit guidance. This may as well not be the direction that Apple takes!

Designer: Luis Pedro Fonseca