Tailor Made Bentley

A Bentley so exclusive that there is only one unique piece of it! The Bentley ‘Tailor Made’ is a one-off customized car that uses ‘Robofold’ technology to its advantage. Basically it’s a way of building car body panels by folding sheets of Aluminum with Robots. It uses cost effective and energy conservation methodology that makes manufacturing an exclusive piece, sustainable.

Ko elaborates, “designing by paper forming allows sculptural and natural new design language in form.”

Designer: Kyungeun Ko


  • MDesigns says:

    I am intrigued by the concept (last image), but disappointed it is not finished.

  • Red Brick Studio says:

    I applaud Kyungeun for referencing a great art form for this concept, but one of the things that lures Bentley buyers the most is the fact that they’re handmade. Applying mass production techniques to such an exclusive car would I think have the opposite effect intended.

  • Dave Schultze says:

    Intriguing design, but practically I hope you never hit any rocks or squirrels! The rear wheel housing looks like it touches the ground. So, yeah, it might be expensive to fix after every trip.

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