Cute Baby Popsicle

Love this Popsicle Baby Thermometer for infants. The intuitive shape makes them what to lick it and put it in the mouth. The exact reason why this concept will work! Kudos for an intelligent solution, what do you think?

Designers: Hsing Min and Xia Lou


  • Al says:


    Talking from the point of a parent, sorry but I don’t think this is a best solution.

    1. When a baby is ill, they won’t have the mood to play.

    2. The size doesn’t look very friendly for a child. furthermore, i can’t use this when the child is asleep. So in the end, i will still need 2 devices.

    3. Temperature taking require time. Babies gets impatient and moody when they are ill. So the best solution is to let the temperature taking fast.

    4. Talking about deviation of data, i think this will have more deviation. Doctors and parents seldom use mouth thermometer for babies, because they can’t hold the conductor under the tongue. Only bigger children can.

    5. About deviation, the mouth is not the best place to accurately measure the temperature. The best way to measure (in terms of commoner’s means) is in the rectum or in the ear.

    Because the rectum does not release heat easily, thus, u can get the core temperature better.

    The ear is because it’s dry, and right behind the ear drum is the brain. So the core temperature is also more accurate.

    There is a reason why products like these are in the market. Do some research on your competitor and the users. The users here are parents, not babies.

    Sorry for the bombardment! haha!! have fun designing!


  • Oh, sounds like an amazing thermometer to have. Many of us will do everything just to take our sick child’s temperature, but sometimes it’s really hard to do because a sick baby tends to be so irritable when you take their temperature. Well, this thermometer looks so cute, but I prefer to have those thermometers that can take the temperature easily.

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