The Power of Z

Z-FIXIE is a fixed-gear bicycle concept with polished Z-shaped frame. All the elements of the bike are connected to the Z-shaped frame. This includes the top tube, the seat tube, the bottom bracket and the chain stays. Designed to look uber cool and sophisticated, the design enjoys high stability from the traditional bike structure. Care has been taken to ensure that design is completely compatible with current components in the market. It even features perfectly harmonized integrated rear lamp and aero spoke wheels. Looks really cool, if you ask me!

Designer: Jeongche Yoon


  • eddd222 says:

    bending stress in the frame will be high where the diagonal truss crosses the vertical truss, just above the pedals. This reduces the stability and increases the risk for the frame braking in half, so not really traditional bike structure.
    Using triagles in a spaceframe design works, but not if you connect the corner of one triangle to the corner of another, you need triangles that share legs.

    • Caleb Bozarth says:

      I understand what you are saying, but I would at least give them a chance, because they are the ones that are trying to make the bike not you! They obviously have a reason to build it like that.

  • Diego says:

    Totally agree with eddd222. Putting power on those cranks would be enough stress for frame failure. That is why all bikes use the triangles. Would love to see otherwise, but it still falls on material strength and the current technology available.

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