A Phone for Happy Hands

Sure, everyone loves the look of a skinny cellphone, but if you’ve ever owned one then you know they’re not the most comfortable to hold and can even cause your hand to ache. The Smartphone TWO applies advanced ergonomics to its ultra-slim, minimal form. As comfortable as it is cool, the curved design nestles perfectly in the user’s hand but is still thin enough to fit in a pocket.

Designer: Roberto Corazza


  • tom says:

    Amazing, one surface, extrude, render : et voilà ! i’m now a genius of design ….

    The 3D model is ugly, the concept is … empty. Nothing else to say.

  • deadcat says:

    I almost thought you were talking about iPhone4s

  • mcGadget says:

    poor concept ! it makes no sense for curved design ,you cant even put it on a table

  • Matthew says:

    I understand why this design was created , it’s just shaped to fit into your hand easier (and probably more securely since but of the phone’s surface area would be in contact with your skin), and would probably be able to stand up landscape without the need for an added stand.

    It’s a nice concept but I doubt it would actually be placed into production. However instead of re-designing the entire phone why not create the shape for a phone cover instead.

  • Grey says:

    The concept is’nt that bad. We just need more! More info, reason, understanding. How are you planning on protecting the face corners (asuming the phone is gonna be placed facedown 98% off the time)? Is everthing wireless?
    also funny looking HDMI port.

  • Lin says:

    It will be easier to pick up off a table as well.

  • Thijs says:

    Quality of design doesn’t show itself by it’s complexity. This aims to fix the problem that if you have skinny phone you can’t hold it well. I’d say it has done quite that. There is no need for a complex design to do that.
    Apple is quite strong in that department. They generally make simplistic designs aimed to solve a problem. I may not always agree with what they make and do though, but that’s a matter of preference.

    However, even though this design solves the problem of being hard to hold, it brings up a ton of other problems, rendering it useless. It could as well have been designed as a mouse. They are quite nice to hold and also don’t fit in your pocket.

  • zach says:

    It solves one problem, but adds many more. The phone will be face down or in a pocket, any pressure to the backside would make it more vulnerable to snapping somewhat like a pringle. Its decently cool, but not practicle.

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