The Un-disposable Camera

With his project ‘Timeless Capture’ designer Brian Matanda wants us to slowdown and literally smell the roses before we take a picture of them. Our focus is on tech-specs, angle shots and apps that add artificial glam. In a way the ‘subject’ of our photography looses its relevance. So let’s re-focus on the art of photography, and by the way this camera is a combination of sand blasted aluminum and polished teak and ‘strong archetypal form to produce a timeless aesthetic.’

Here is how it works:

  • The product is in two parts, a camera and a viewer.
  • The captured images are immediately downloaded directly to the viewer wirelessly once the camera is in close proximity.
  • It is also the sole access point to the images, as the camera has no LCD display. Through the use of a touch screen interface, the user is able to view the images as and when they choose.
  • With limited storage capacity, the user is encouraged to take control of the content thereby making the experience arbitrary.

Designer: Brian Matanda