Sterile Sip

A Clean Label is a low cost protective label that prevents you from drinking from a contaminated soda can. If we take the user scenario seriously, I agree with the notion that we tend to take swig from the can, without even cleaning it. It’s a subconscious act and yes, we are filthy…me included! This simple can-clip redesign adds a cleaning filament that swipes the can-surface clean in a jiffy. Cheers to a germ-free drink!

Designers: Meixian Su, Fengming Chen & Yujie Chen


  • Jimmy C says:

    Well done!

  • Quintin says:

    That’s why I rarely drink from cans, when I do, I try to clean the spot where my mouth goes…

    I’m curious to see if this gets any further than this..

  • Alaor says:

    This is not new. Beer has been sold in top-sealed cans in Brazil from years.

  • bocmen says:


  • small volcanic says:

    That’s indeed a problem, and the design indeed works. However, the soltion can be more beautiful and smart through a more ingenious way in my personal opinion.

  • Deadcat says:

    A professor back in my design school once said, adding something to the can design for sanitary reasons such as above cannot be successful because the mass has already agreed that we do not feel any objections in making lip and can conact.
    There are people who do but they are minority. Adding anything will lead to extra cost and by doing that it will only raise social consciousness against drinking straight from cans. It is certain to backfire against them, which no makers will dare do to.

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