Neat Pizza Fingers

I love the Paper Dish concept and hope that Dominos or Pizza Hut take up on this idea ASAP. The thang is only a well-cut paper with appropriate perforations, that allow you to slice and devour a pizza slice, without getting your hands messy. The idea is very clever, more like a makeshift paper plate, but worth including in my next box of hot takeaway!

Designers: Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung & Kwon Young Hee


  • mightymike says:

    Seems there is a pretty big lack of research
    How Pizza shop people cut out the pizza, first of all whatever tool they use to cut it, it can’t perfectly come apart in equal portion of slides. Plus, while it is delivered-by a car, or bike- the pizza would be slightly moved inside of box. The reason for use of bumpy paper under pizza, which makes friction between paper and pizza bun. You guys should have delivered better and more solid idea, if you would have done more research and more validation. That is the biggest problem that I can see from majority of south korean students. Meet people, have a talk, make things as real as people working in actual industry can believe then make them nod. We can find very general problems that could be sorted out in easy way but it’s too obvious and look like a bit of hunch. Research doesn’t mean spending time your time on Googling, Naver, Daum or nate stuff.

  • Odis says:

    What are you even going on about? Can you make your rant make more sense? I’ll try to respond on some assumption.

    Anyhow most of the time I order a pizza there isn’t any paper in the first place, just the box. Also from what I can see from the picture the paper is bumpy so idk what your going on about bumpyness. Plus you complain about not equal slices umm the point of the idea is you can hold the pizza without getting your hands dirty so the size doesn’t matter, just the number of slices which can be controlled.

    Further it’s called a concept for a reason, it’s not like its actually going onto production. Even if it does go on production the company would do a trial run to see if it actually increased sales if it doesn’t then they stop, common sense… Also why rant against a mere idea. What’s wrong with inspirations even though they might not be great or ground-breaking.

    Do you have some personal vendetta against South Koreans? Did you lose your job to a korean or smthing? Since your basing a view on just a couple of people which is quite prejudice imo.

    (yerp I’m pretty bored to be responding to some random person’s rant)

  • mightymike says:

    I’m south korean odis, and I have a job experience at the pizza shop in south korea, I was a pizza delivery boy and cooked it as well, oh oh I study industrial design in UK so I have a lots of cross cultural background than u have, I guess so. Is it enough to explain wht I commented? Concept design…concept I’m sick of hearing that. Concept design should be only tolerated when the idea come out but it can’t be made real at right now but still should have supportive technology. That is the bloody concept design. Do you get it or not?

  • mightymike says:

    Of course you have a experience that youve had just a box when u get your pizza from a chippy shop. However, about 99% of south korean order their pizza through phone call then it get delivered by a motorcycle. Do you think the pizza in the box on the motorcycle would be static as you want? So to hold the pizza, pizza shops use the bumpy paper that I mentioned above and tripod folk holding slide of pizza on the centre of it. Ive suggested them how they could have done better But you are talking like person looking at bloody blue sky. The real industry doesnt love to be failure. Thanks for your responding to some random guys blabla

  • Jimmy C says:

    Mike. Lemme tell you something in an extremely sarcastic tone of voice. You know why this idea is on this site? Because IT’S… A… DESIGN! Ha! Shocker, I know, but hey, if the shoe fits, wear it, right!
    Shut your trap. Maybe Odis over here has some good points, and you’re just being an idiot. And for your information, a concept design doesn’t have to be 24 and a half decades away to be treated with respect.

  • Odis says:

    how come you sound so bitter, I was just being courteous/sensible to you the whole time, I’ll apologize if I sounded mean. Also you didn’t even answer my questions, you just dodge them

    To clarify things the pizza I order from is Dominos, Pizza hut and other well known pizza stores, almost no pizza stores use paper when delivering pizza because it costs money. People here don’t care if the pizza is delivered well, it’s fast-food for a reason.

    Plus chippies don’t sell pizza so much for studying industrial design in UK, studying about something is completely different from actually being there since it sounds like you never been to the UK. Your no different from the people who just do online research.

    Plus your very prejudice, you assume things that you don’t even know “so I have a lots of cross cultural background than u have, I guess so”
    do you even know me? If you did then you would know where my username is from. Talking about usernames mightymike doesnt sound korean at all so maybe your just trolling people :/ if your here to troll you can go some where else

  • Odis says:

    @Jimmy C sorry for dragging you in the convo, thought he would answer back sensibly if I talked to him sensibly but I guess he is just a bitter person at heart or just trolling us ._. then sigh… there isnt any point in responding since they just like seeing people get angry

  • Andy says:

    good idea.

  • Jason Wang says:

    I feel like most of the time, the crust does a good job of doing this. Unless you get Domino’s with the garlic stuff on it.

  • Kid says:

    It’s an interesting concept and solution for people who find it to be too burdensome to use a napkin. I get it.

    I’m a pizza purist, so bring on the mess. Bring on the grease. That’s just part of the culture of enjoying pizza…but again, not all appreciate it that way. So with that, interesting solution nonetheless.

  • Pizza Pan says:

    This is a wonderful concept. I would like to see one to see if we could use them in our chain of pizza shops across the US

  • Pizza Pan says:

    is there a way i could talk to you about this?

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Odis: It’s alright dude. Sometimes you just want to find these people and slap them, you know?

  • GL says:

    hmmmm. mightymike. sad really.

    The “real industry” is always welcome for new ideas that can be developed.

    The points you mentioned (equal cut, mis-positioning)all don’t interfere with the use of this concept at all. It still works fine.

    Most of all, every product in this world starts off with a concept, including those laces you wear under your pants.

  • langdon says:

    hey. I know some guy try not think clearly and visionary. But me, I see more the advantages of “the idea” to become a moneymaker. So I would really love to do further about this as in business. At my city, most of people are eat pizza, they love pizza, and I think this can be brilliant to make them in the part of creative idea. Im talkin about exploding it in my city and earn profits.

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