“Print” Your Dream House

Amazing advancements have been made in 3D-printing technology, but designer Sebastian Bertram has taken it a step further, expanding the capabilities of 3D printing to large-scale 3D building. The Contour Crafter aims to keep up with demand for housing in urban areas with aconstruction method that combines industrial production and the technique of rapid prototyping. The robot “prints” contours of a building shell layer by layer using fast-drying concrete. Within just a couple of weeks, an entire estate could be produced.

Designer: Sebastian Bertram


  • this has been a project in progress with nasa and an iranian engineer working there is the head of the project, but again, the concept is awesome.

  • jand says:

    this is a swell idea. As a Belgian born with a brick in our stumach it sounds very futuristic.
    I like things that go that far.
    One day …

  • Emmo709 says:

    Loughborough university in the UK are doing some work in this area. They have a additive manufacture concrete printer capable of doing street furniture.

    I believe this sort of system and other AM systems are going to be very interesting in years to come.

  • Emmo709 says:

    I also think this system could add intricy to architecture which has been lost (in the UK generally) due to the cost of skilled labour. If you think of gargoyles on Catherdrals as an extreme example, we could no longer add this sort of detail to a building without huge cost and difficulty in finding skilled artisans, we have plenty of 3D technicians who could model these details and after that its automated.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Expanded apps for 3D alone:
    Undersea modules
    Underground modules
    Orbital modules
    Cars, planes, ships, subs, robots, motorbikes etc.
    miscl alone.
    Must invest in.

    Build from new ideas or 1912 estate plans from files, wild.
    & include decor & furniture.

  • Quintin says:

    An italian man built a large 3d printer like this a few years ago. Here’s an interview with him from 2010:


    I know this idea is more refined (it doesn’t seem to need filler material to support the structure), but that’s just the same tech developed further…

  • Are you serious? I haven’t seen such an amazing thing. If this becomes popular, it will be great, but definitely a lot of people will be left unemployed.

  • F.L. Wright says:

    This person has no idea oh what home building is. This look more like Lego reality than actual conditions of a building site. BAck in 1880’s Edison brought forward the concept of “single pour” concrete house. He is remembered for more successful inventions… http://flyingmoose.org/truthfic/edison.htm

  • Craig says:

    What about all the plumbing and electrical work.

  • sebastian bertram says:

    Thanks a lot for all the inspiring posts so far.

    I worked together with the inventor of the techlnology. There are two machines already working in a laboratory situation. This is a concept of the third generation of contour crafters. It should show how a machine, able to print two storey family houses could work + look like ;))

  • Dan says:

    I would love to CAD my own house and have it built this way. Fantastic insight into the future.

  • OCD says:

    In fact FLW’s intention (i.e.with the Usonian concept) was to liberate technology from exactly this mechanized outcome. This system, in the hands of developers guarantees the lowest possible standard of living for millions – a getto maker!

    One of the earlier respondents suggested this system might be appropriate for more challenging environments(off world and underwater environments). Maybe they should talk to James Cameron.

  • csven says:

    The designer has hardly “taken it a step further, expanding the capabilities of 3D printing to large-scale 3D building”. This is so far from fact as to be a lie of omission if not intentional.

    Please get your facts straight. This particular application of additive manufacturing goes back at least eight years. See http://craft.usc.edu/CC/Welcome_files/resources/media/newscientist.pdf

  • Nice concept! 3-D printing seems quite interesting. Thanks for sharing this post.

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