Sticker 3D Vision

Viewing 3D cinema is a truly gripping experience but for the 3D glasses! Besides being heavy and awkward for those already wearing numbered glasses, they are a material waste and pose a health hazard. Stix offers an easy solution by being a pair of self-adhesive sticker 3D viewing films. Simply slap them onto your current numbered glasses and enjoy your 3D movie.

The stickers are cut out a shape bigger than average glasses to ensure they cover till the rim. The concept’s approach resonates with me, since I wear glasses too and find wearing additional glasses a hassle. Hopefully the sticker in Stix will be easy to peel off and then we are assured of a winner here!

Designers: Lucy Jung & Daejin Ahn


  • Aly says:

    i would so love to have these!!! with the current 3D glasses they have in cinemeas makes me feel sick with the slightest shift from them off my nose and my nose is small so they slip with the my glasses in place these are a brillent idea i think many would benefit

  • Lucyj says:

    Aly, Thank you for your reply. Hopefully we will get to see stix soon in cinemas 🙂

  • Sander says:

    I already read the suggestion a few times; this kind of stickers instead of (polarized/colouring) sunglasses. And what about nightvision glasses?

    Great idea! I would love it.

  • Al says:

    What did you end up for a patient?? I think this is interesting however have you tested them in a theater?

  • Miltam says:

    You could just make sheets and then the people could cut them to fit their glasses, especially if you come up with polarized ones for sunglasses.

  • staneey says:

    Will Stix-3D glasses stickers,
    1 have sold it in?
    2 How do I buy?
    3 How many purchase amount?
    4 how much price?

    I opened eyewear company, and an urgent need to you to such products, Thank you, thank you!

  • Ana says:

    I would like to try them and much better would like to have the sun glasses version if they were available. It was my first though when I saw this: Wow if they made ones for sun glasses…
    I have a very complex lenses and can’t spend the price for a sun glasses version of my lenses.

  • zoe cheung says:

    how much for one pair of this 3-D product?

  • Ed says:

    You should start a Kick Starter project to get this funded. I would definitely buy in.

  • SoySauce says:

    Based on some of the comments on here, I think I’d actually rather see a ‘clip-on’ 3D glasses, based on the design of clip-on sunglasses. They have their own frames and lenses, thus solving any polarization problem, but because they only attach to the front of the glasses, they don’t get in the way.

  • Lucy says:

    Hello staneey.
    Please if you can send me an email with enquiry I will be happy to answer.

  • stanley says:

    Will Stix-3D glasses stickers,
    1 have sold it in?
    2 How do I buy?
    3 How many purchase amount?
    4 how much price?

    I opened eyewear company, and an urgent need to you to such products, Thank you, thank you!


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  • Lucy says:


    Please drop me an email

  • chris says:

    I just came across your idea, I don’t know whether you got it to market or it remained unfinished. I work as an optical tech. so can help you with some of your problems out lined in this blog, there is already a product that sticks to optical lenses, it uses capillary action to adhere a plastics sheet a patients own lenses and helps people who require prism in their prescription on a non-permanent basis, and so it can be taken off the lens with no residue.

  • Richard says:

    Are these available to purchase, if so please advise

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