Heat, Dry, Save!

The eco-concious HotSpot heater aims to reduce the user’s overall energy consumption by simultaneously drying clothes while heating rooms. Simply place the nested laundry basket in the center and heat radiation and natural heat convection will safely dry your wet clothes or even make your pajamas toasty before bed. A simple and useful way to cut energy consumption in half!

Designer: Amit Ran


  • S Wright says:

    The claims defy the laws of physics. It takes the same amount of energy to produce heat.
    The claim of saving half.
    First, generally electricity is more expensive than energy from natural gas or oil, especially in a modern efficient heating unit.
    Second, comparing electrical plug-in heaters, this one will heat no faster, especially than one with fins and a fan to dissapate the heat.
    Third, if there is a claim, other than the uniqueness of a basket, the dryer can be no more efficient than hanging clothes on a drying rack in the same room as one has any other plug-in heater.
    In fact, hanging on a rack is better as it reduces heat impressed wrinkles in the clothes, therefore removing energy wasting ironing. Moreover, the basket concept lacking tumbling action means that outer edge clothes will be overheated for a long time while interior clothing will still be damp.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I think this is a good idea. Of course, there should probably be an off switch for the summer months.

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