Amazing Modern Mobile Home

This cleverly compact mobile housing design by Mehdi Hidari Badie has got all the bases covered when it comes to making the most of limited space. With consideration to sustainable development standards, the unit utilizes a combination of steel, aluminum, recycled plastics, and thermoplastic insulation. The versatile design is not only incredibly easy to transport, but has a refined aesthetic that is unrecognizable as a mobile home once it’s been unfolded.

Designer: Mehdi Hidari Badie


  • PoPSiCLe says:

    One major problem with this concept – where the hell is the furniture? If you need to bring that separate, the whole thing is sort of a cock-up.

    If it’s cleverly hidden below the “deck” it should definitely show on some of the setup-pics.

    The idea is good, but not very well thought through, it seems…

  • Fire Starter says:

    It’s a mobile home not a hotel. It looks comfortable, spacious, sleeping bags and foldable chairs can be easily taken to accompany it. On the other hand… if a couple of RV’s are similar in price then that would be a more convenient purchase.

  • Fire Starter says:


  • This may be somewhat of an unfair statement inasmuch as I’ve never really seen one up close and personal. But I see Ikea written all over it and we all know what happens to Ikea products after awhile.

    Additionally, where could you put this? You’d have to pay for two overnight spaces if they would even allow you to put it up in an RV park. If it’s classified as an RV you couldn’t install it on any private parcel or in your backyard in California.

    I think the idea is definitely thinking ahead and has some real merit and I commend the designer who has taken what is obviously some very innovative and creative ideas and put them together. But until I can actually see some immediate applications for it I remain somewhat skeptical.

    • catherine says:

      John, many people in California have an RV in the yard or the driveway for an extra relative or tenant. Sure, you won’t see it in Beverly Hills, but I have seen hundreds. I had a boyfriend who lived in a 5th wheel behind his brother’s house near Ojai for years.

  • Architecture says:

    This mobile home project is great, like many others that have been made public in the last few years. Unfortunately most of these concepts will not prosper as long as considerable areas of land are not made “publicly available”. This initiatives will require solid legislation to support it.

  • In California if this unit has less than a 400sf living area it would be classified as an RV and not a “Mobile” or more appropriately a “Manufactued” Home.

    Hence, it would not be an acceptable option for most, if any, standard residential developments be they resident owned or lease/land and would therefore have to be relegated to an RV zoned property of some sort.

    That said I’m very supportive of folks like Mehdi Hidari Badie who have the vision and fortitude to think outside the “BOX”.

  • the desighn inspired me alot.i would love to have this

  • Sue says:

    I would like to know how much one costs

  • Ahmed Albudoorv says:

    Nice design kindly advise if it for sale.
    I would love to have one.

    Ahmed Albuoor
    Dubai,U A E

  • Not quite sure I understand your point.

  • Scotty in Colorado says:

    Thank you for working on this design! It looks great! All the naysayers just dont get it. There’s more to life outside of California’s strict laws. How much for the plans and where can I get them? 🙂

  • Gloria says:

    I’d like to see a blueprint of the expanded house. Very nice!

  • Laine says:

    Love your design. Would like to see interior.
    How much would one cost?

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  • Manny says:

    For those who are missing where to put the furniture, while it is moving. The 5th or 6th picture show that the middle compartment is empty as the walls are opening up. A whole lot of furniture can be stacked and strapped down in that area. If you own a piece of land just about anywhere, this would work as a temporary home while you are building and later can become the extra room for relative of tenant. Meaning it could potentially become income property. I’d like to know what the price, I agree with it having to be cheaper than or at least competitive with an RV, enough for me to consider it.

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