Heaven’s Reception Desk

As part of a complete renovation of the showroom for the furniture brand Prestige Group in Nicosia, Cyprus- this bare, skeletal yet organic desk stands as the focal point of the updated and ultramodern reception area. Inspired by the Besparmak Mountains in North Cyprus, the sculptural desk has a rolling, cloud-like appearance that contrasts with the sharp matrix of square screens that cover the wall behind it.

Designers: Erhan & Mustafa Afsaroglu


  • Rawwhale says:

    I would simplify the form, there are way too many compound curves. You want a clear dynamic gesture, not a blob of mismatched bulges.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of the slat construction because of the insane amount of wasted material

  • it’s no particularly useful but no ugly…

  • Adrian Wong says:

    it will be a pain if one is using an optical mouse on top of that glass.

  • tardkiller says:

    so you don’t use it.

    it will also be a pain to do situps on this, so you don’t.

    are you stupid or just retarded?

  • Joe says:

    This looks amazing! Really cool!! I Love it.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Very creative!
    @Tardkiller: Who does situps on a table? Not a very good comeback.

  • emntfk says:

    Who can blame Michelangelo for wasting too much rock on Statue of David. Think of it, as another step for challenge and test multiple machines used in the production, and as far as I see they accomplished the task.


  • Callum says:

    This would make an amazing center piece for some DJ sets!
    Just abit higher and I’d buy it!

  • Cathy says:

    Not liking the look and would not like to clean this either.

  • Wow.Now this we called something interesting and innovative.Modern office furniture embodies the very vision and personality of your company

  • Corzine says:

    This desk is awesome.

    Great design, very unique and fascinating. Very artistic, I would buy it!

  • Dear Sir,

    Please send us the best price for this reception for wholesale.

    Our company is to Chalkis (post code 34100), Greece.

    Evangelos M. Angelis

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