The Neck Saver

The Stretchless Hanger is a very simple twist on the classic clothes hanger. The lightweight yet rigid design makes it possible to hang your clothes in one effortless movement and will save the necklines of your favorite shirts.

Designer: Rob Bye


  • product tank says:

    In it’s current guise it’s impossible to manufacture, so you need to remove the undercuts created by the curved top piece. Heavy T shirts etc will put a lot of pressure on the curve, leading over time to increased breakages as the plastic weakens with this design. As the only thing that gets in the way of threading an existing hanger is the hanging loop, a better solution would be to have this fold down, but if you take a standard hanger (not with a cross brace) and insert it through the arm of a T shirt, you can do everything shown here with a hanger already on the market. But there are some nice thought processes going on.

  • tardkiller says:

    or.. you can just insert hangers from underneath the shirt.

    just a thought..

  • Jimmy C says:

    This is clever! I want one!

  • eason says:

    this is not a new concept ,very old. we got a lot of hanger like this.

  • Dave says:

    sorry this has been made before I thought of it 3 years ago and then found out that some one has made it. its called the swan hanger.

  • Hunter says:

    Hanging pants on this will make it begin to bow.
    Go back to school.

  • Rob Bye says:

    I am still at school, and this is the updated version

  • Hunter says:

    A) That’s not an update.
    B) Still doesn’t solve the problem mentioned.

  • Stephen Parry says:

    A) It is an update see
    B) It is for T-shirts not trousers. P.s. Pants are what you wear underneath trousers.

  • Cat says:

    Who hangs T shirts? I fold them.

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